Sponsor a child

Many children in Uganda can’t afford going to school. You can choose to become a sponsor and support their education fees.

Meet the kids

Clean drinking water

Many people in Uganda don’t have access to clean drinking water. That is causing a lot of health problems

Vegetable garden with rainharvesting system

Right now the orphanage has to rent land to grow their food and they can only grow it every other 3 months when there isn’t a dry season. We want to give their community their own land and tools to also grow food on dry seasons. 

Eco-fertilizer company 

This business could support their economy, create many jobs, offer economic independence for the orphanage, give better crops and offer an alternative for commercial fertilizers that spread toxic ingredients into groundwater. 

House for the orphanage

Right now the children in the orphanage are staying in a rented room with just four walls and use it as a classroom at day time.

Fund the work of the orphanage

The volunteers in the orphanage are working hard to take care of all the people in need in their area. They need financial support to offer food, clothes, healthcare and education for the orphans and families in need.